Standards stuff

PIDX RNIF2. W3C linked data recommendations. Fieldbus wireless remote ops. CEN e-reporting.

PIDX reports progress on its RNIF2 refresh project, with a complementary training initiative and the commencement of a PIDX XML price sheet standard for the exchange and automatic validation of price information between suppliers and operators.

The W3C has published new recommendations for RDF vocabularies. A data catalog (DCAT) vocabulary provides information on available data sources. According to W3C DCAT is already used by national data portals. The data cube vocabulary brings the ISO standard for statistical data and metadata exchange to linked data. The organization ontology provides a mechanism for expressing roles and relationships within an organization enabling ‘interoperation of HR tools and emerging socially-aware software.’

The Fieldbus Foundation has finalized its ISA100.11a spec for integrating wireless field devices into its foundation for remote operations management.

The EU CEN organization has released a draft standard for electronic reporting in the engineering materials sector.

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