ConocoPhillips ‘connects’ with Adobe, Lync and Polycom

New intranet and communications infrastructure ‘The Mark’ for ConocoPhillip’s cyber communities.

Writing in the Q4 2013 issue of ConocoPhillips’ ‘Spirit’ in-house publication, Sabrina Martinez reports on recent upgrades to CP’s IT focusing on increased collaboration, leveraging tools such as audio and video conferencing, networks of excellence and ‘The Mark,’ a new intranet and communications infrastructure.

CIO Mike Pfister is quoted saying, ‘By piloting and implementing new tools, systems and software, the team is helping to foster a culture that shares knowledge, skills and expertise worldwide.’

Key technology components of The Mark include Microsoft Lync and Adobe Connect. Polycom videoconferencing and Smart Boards enable team members to host global online meetings. CP now hosts an average of over 20,000 Adobe Connect, Polycom video and Lync meetings per month. Lync also lets CP communicate with its partners and suppliers, viewing and sharing written material and other documents.

The system allows storage and indexing of of documents in Livelink, SharePoint and file shares. Users can easily search and retrieve relevant material. CP also plans to introduce more social media-type tools, using functionality similar to Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter ‘follows’ to keep track of information use. Already, 80% of CP employees participate in a knowledge sharing network. Lots more on The Mark and CP’s communities in the 2000 word article.

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