Real time operations center design considerations

Thinklogical pitches its fiber optic KVM remoting solution to guard against cyber threats.

A Whitepaper from Thinklogical provides food for thought for those designing a real-time operating center for oil and gas. The publication provides guidance and best practices for the control and distribution of video, data and other information to and from the RTOC.
Thinklogical CEO Joe Pajer observed ‘Oil and gas faces complex business and operational challenges. The RTOC provides the visual data and situational insight needed for managers to make better-informed decisions. Deploying a secure, high-performance video and data distribution system in the RTOC ensures that organizations can navigate these challenges.’

The whitepaper’s pitch centers on the use of fiber optic connectivity for keyboard, mouse video (KVM) remoting and data access to separate users from hazardous environments. High bandwidth, low latency, full resolution graphics are important for remote simulation, modeling and video surveillance. Fiber, as opposed to copper, also protects installations against certain types of cyber attack.

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