Gridworld Software announces DepthInsight geomodeler

Chinese developer claims Resqml compliance and high performance model building in 2014 release.

Beijing-based GridWorld Software Technology has announced DepthInsight 2014, a geomodeling package capable of fast modeling of complex structures with export to industry-standard geocellular model formats and/or as Resqml files. Seismic interpretations, models and numerical simulation data can be shared with third party interpretation and modeling packages.

DepthInsight handles complex structures such as thrusts, Y-fault, salt overhang and recumbent folds. A smart geometric algorithm includes ‘intelligent’ human-computer interaction to speed modeling by automatically separating and renaming faults and creating and modifying surfaces on-the-fly.

Complex structures can be converted to stair-step grids for export in Resqml for ingestion by third party software such as Schlumberger’s Petrel. GridWorld performance benchmarks have a 150km2 model with 85 faults taking 16 hours to build. Building a 2,000 km2 model with 1500 faults took 45 hours.

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