Smalltalk for small data

Caesar Systems introduces Bee Smalltalk and visual development environment.

Speaking at the 2014 Argentina Smalltalk Conference last month, Caesar Systems developers described how they were using the interactive visual development environment (VEO) and Bee Smalltalk in their work on PetroVR*.

Adrián Soma introduced VEO with its interactive, on the fly, code writing capability and a new ‘live programming’ object paradigm. Javier Pimás demonstrated improvements to the Smalltalk ‘Bee’ implementation that can now be run in a performant, ‘self-hosted’ environment sans virtual machine.

Leandro Caniglia offered a sideways look at analytics, arguing that, for data, sometimes, small is beautiful. Mathematical techniques using small data combined with statistics and simulations can be used to generate a continuum of insightful models. Such techniques are computationally expensive but amenable to parallelization, making ‘excellent candidates for distributed multiprocessing.’

PetroVR uses the small data approach to let analysts visualize a large number of different scenarios to identify risks and opportunities. PetroVR is built on Bee Smalltalk which Caniglia describes as ‘a breakthrough in simulation software.’

* Petroleum Ventures and Risk.

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