Common operating picture to aid in spill response

PortVision combines AIS shipping data, pipeline and facility maps in tactical operational view.

Speaking at Workboat 2014, Jason Tieman provided a briefing on AIS* and a new common operating picture (COP) capability resulting from Oceaneering’s acquisition of PortVision earlier this year. The COP is said to be of relevance to daily operations and oil spill incident response.

The COP provides collaborative situational analysis and operations management for multiple stakeholders, each with its own view of an incident. Cross-system interoperability provides a common picture of the crisis and associated response activities. Components include live video and data feeds with a replay capability for after action review and process improvement. With proper planning, a COP can be deployed quickly in any location to provide a ‘comprehensive tactical operational view.’

Oceaneering has collected 15 billion AIS locations in the past five years and records 50 million new location reports every day. Analysis of historical data from 1987 to 2007 shows multiple ‘interactions’ between vessels, anchors and pipelines. In the Gulf of Mexico alone these include 120 pipeline strikes, 25 fatalities, and 17 injuries, 100,000 barrels of released product and over $100 million in property damage. More from PortVision2702.

* Automatic identification system. A mandatory VHF signal captured by a worldwide network of receivers.

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