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A new 14 page white paper from Emerson offers advice on corrosion monitoring in refineries and shows how wireless technology can be deployed economically. The paper discusses use of Emerson’s CorrLog wireless corrosion transmitter for ER and LPR probes along with a deployment case history from Reliance Industries.

In a separate announcement, Emerson introduced Smart Wireless Navigator to help users deploy and manage large wireless networks.

A data sheet from Freewave outlines wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity options available from its WavePoint multi-mode broadband wireless solution. WavePoint allows remote oil and gas production sites to communicate via Ethernet, WiFi, GSM and other available protocols.

OleumTech has been awarded a US patent for its WIO wireless input/output solution that replicates hardwired process signals for remote monitoring of ‘any industrial process or control application.’ WIO units operate in the 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz ISM band and are delivered factory-paired for plug and play deployment.

M2M Data is to provide Monnit’s wireless sensing solutions to users of its M2M solutions in the oil and gas and other verticals.

Stallion Oilfield Services signed with global satellite operator SES and Global Data Systems to double satellite capacity to connect ‘booming’ oil and gas operations across North America. Along with enterprise data, Stallion provides high-speed broadband, corporate VPN and MPLS solutions, Netflix, and Skype.

Targeting inter alia the oil and gas market, Yokogawa’s multi-function wireless adaptor allows wired field instruments to function as ISA100 wireless devices. Multiprotocol wireless adaptors are available for HART and Modbus devices.

Yokogawa also recently signed with Murata Manufacturing for joint development of ISA100 wireless devices.

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