Standards stuff

Energistics Energyml extensions. OPC Foundation’s cloud-based interoperability. WIB’s control system security tool. GRI’s sustainability reporting standard. XBRL’s energy reporting workgroup.

Energistics has floated two new Resqml-related Energistics-led workgroups. One adds graphical style information/symbology to Energyml data objects (a.k.a. Resqml objects) during a data transfer. The other addresses direct, application-to-application transfer of Energyml objects using the Energistics transfer protocol. This replaces file transfer with data transfer over a TCP socket.

The OPC Foundation reports successful trials of ‘virtual interoperability’ (V-IOP), whereby vendors in different continents interconnected products via a Microsoft Azure virtual network. A new OPC UA global discovery server from GE was also recently trialed, allowing large organizations to centralize management and provisioning of OPC UA servers and certificates and allowing clients to find and query servers on the network.

The Process automation users’ association (WIB) is offering a free self-assessment tool for compliance with the IEC 62443 process control cyber security standard. WIB also offers a guidance document, ‘Process control domain-security requirements for vendors.’ IEC 62443 was originally based on a specification from WIB. The tool is available from its developer WCK GRC.

The Global reporting initiative has announced the GRI Taxonomy 2014, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, an XBRL taxonomy for sustainability reporting. The release includes an updated architecture and implementation guide and a sample instance file.

XBRL US has announced a new CET (construction, energy and transportation) work group with an initial focus on surety bond processing for contractors. The protocol was developed in response to the US digital accountability and transparency (Data) act that was signed into law last May.

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