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The V2.0 release of Blueback Reservoir’s Rock Physics Petrel plug-in sports the Microsoft ‘ribbon’ interface and offers direct model exchange with Petrel using IronPython.

Elsevier has added an overlay of C&C Reservoirs’ worldwide oil and gas field analogs knowledge system (Faks) to its Geofacets E&P map portal.

CGG’s new PowerLog Frac software connects petrophysics and fracture simulation.

Check-6 has announced Checklist Ops with Rigor, a mobile app that offers procedural discipline and verifiable compliance for oil and gas tasks ‘susceptible to lost time incidents.’

A new well formation tops module for Deloitte’s Petroview adds sub-surface geological content to its E&P geographic information system.

A free Eagle Ford mobile network app from Marco Flores provides access to information such as job listings, equipment sales, small business support and social media. The smartphone’s GPS is used to localize business listings.

The latest version of Exprodat’s Data Assistant provides data transfer between ArcGIS and exploration and production file formats such as Petrel, Kingdom, OpenWorks and SeisWorks. Software now automatically detects input file format and provides batch transfer and on-the-fly geodetic transformations.

The new 7.20 version of geoLogic SystemsgeoScout enhances data transfer with DST Pro and offers improved LAS file creation and editing. Datasets include core gamma ray, completions and plugbacks and casing weight and grade.

Ikon Science has extended RokDoc with a geomechanics module, a toolset for 1D and 3D models of reservoirs and their surroundings. The new module computes safe mudweight windows and is used to plan well trajectories and reduce the likelihood of wellbore collapse. Ikon’s geomechanics expertise comes from JRS Petroleum Research, acquired in 2012.

The 4.1.1 release of Interica’s Project Resource Manager offers email alerts for ‘projects out of place,’ notification of low free space on file systems and charts for users and application disk space usage.

Intertec’s new process instrumentation enclosure, developed for a Russian oil refiner, is intended for use in extremely cold climates. Applications include differential pressure flowmeters and process transmitters.

The 2014.2 release of Perigon’s iPoint wellbore data management solution extends its generic query layer to map relational database models which can now be managed natively within iPoint. The release includes new adapters for Petrel, R5000 and Petra along with new ArcGIS-based mapping, Active Directory support and a command line interface.

Petrosys V17.6 introduces templates for consistent mapping, a new spatial editor for work across a selection of popular GIS data sources and a buffer tool for generating polygonal buffers around faults.

SeisWare 9.0 adds new workflows for velocity modeling and time/depth conversion. User roles can be defined for project collaboration and to increase security and data access. Data can be organized without the need for unique naming conventions.

Tendeka’s ‘FracRight’ integrated frac sleeve for selective multi-zone stimulation is now coupled with its real-time DTS monitoring and Quest software for collection and analysis of stimulation data in unconventionals.

Quantitech’s new Frog-4000 rugged, portable instrument performs on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds in air, soil and water for environmental, health and safety applications.

Airo WirelessAiro I-Safe 19000 is a 19" Windows 7 panel PC, purpose-built as a fixed-mount status alert system for hazardous environments such as oil and gas, petrochemical and pipeline.

The US Energy Information Administration has released ‘Crude oil import tracker’ to track trends in US crude oil imports. Coit-US features graphing and mapping capabilities.

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