Will the real cloud please stand-up?

Avere, Quantum team on in-house tiered cloud storage while Avere offers Amazon based ‘NAS.'

Avere Systems has teamed with Quantum to offer a joint storage solution tuned to oil and gas workflows. The solution combines a local networked attached storage solution with ‘private cloud’-based storage to ‘extend data availability at a lower cost.’ The partners claim that traditional solutions relying on replication and RAID do not provide cost-effective global access to content and are expensive. Enter Avere FXT filers for performance, along with FlashCloud access to Quantum’s ‘Lattus’ petabyte-capable storage. A 70% saving in total cost of ownership is claimed over traditional NAS implementations.

Avere has also announced a ‘software-only’ version of its FXT Edge Filer that offers cloud-based storage on Amazon’s off-site public EC2 cloud. A white paper described how the ‘real’ cloud can extend on site storage, while ‘resolving otherwise deal-breaking performance, scalability, access, and management challenges.’ In this configuration, Amazon’s cloud can serve either as permanently provisioned IT infrastructure or provide overflow burst-compute resources to temporarily add compute horsepower for big data applications.

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