Interica, ETL Solutions team

Transformation Manager and PARS combine and extend to real time data.

Interica has teamed with ETL Solutions to combine ETL’s Transformation Manager and DataHub with Interica’s PARS/iAsset. The combined solution will enhance support for ‘project aware’ archiving and backups of exploration and production data, allowing companies to map and move data from legacy applications to current versions.

DataHub captures complex digital content for long-term knowledge retention, compliance and storage management. Project metadata is stored within the archive for rapid identification, restoration or migration. The new offering extends to real time data which can now flow through DataHub and into the iAsset repository.

We asked Interica if the new ‘real time’ functionality meant that it would be competing with the ubiquitous PI Systems from OSIsoft. Intercia’s Simon Kendall told us, ‘Our combined solution provides flexible data access and storage and does, to an extent, provide similar features to OSIsoft PI historian. However the flexibility we offer allows exploration specialists to use E&P applications of their choice.’ More from Interica and ETL.

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