CMG shows CoFlow simulator teaser at SPE

Eight years in making, reservoir-to-facilities simulator will be commercial ... in a few more years!

Calgary-based Computer Modeling Group showed a teaser of a reservoir and production system modelling application at the Amsterdam SPE ATCE last month. CoFlow is the culmination of the dynamic reservoir modeling system (DRMS) joint industry project carried out by CMG and partners Petrobras and Shell.

CoFlow’s multi-discipline modelling environment spans the reservoir, gathering networks and production systems. The framework provides a collaboration environment and guided workflows for development of multiple assets. Workflows are customizable to corporate requirements and provide ‘end-to-end integrated uncertainty, optimization and history matching to support forecasting, planning and reserves updates.’

CoFlow was validated in a three-reservoir, deep water field producing different fluids to a single offshore platform. The current R10 CoFlow edition will be released to Shell and Petrobras in 2015. Others will have to wait ‘several years’ before the software is released commercially!

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