Billington Process Toolkit V2.0

New edition of process simulator license management optimizer targets HySys users.

Version 2 of Norway-based Billington Process Technology’s BPT Toolkit includes a process simulation optimizer that targets users of AspenTech’s HySys process simulation software. PSO is a license management tool that optimizes use of HySys licenses and token Systems. The Toolkit also ensures that HySys users comply with corporate policy on license usage without oversight from IT or management, eliminating the ‘friction’ in policy enforcement.

BPT VP Gerry Lillie told Oil IT Journal, ‘We expect the new license and user management system to have a massive impact on the AspenTech/HySys user base and save millions of dollars in license fees.’

Comment—As we have observed before, license management is a double edged sword. Money saved by the user community is money lost to development!

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