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DrillingInfo blogger John Fierstien has followed up his earlier article on US well numbering with an authoritative post on Canadian well numbers and the Canadian land system.

The Modelica association reports that adoption of its functional mockup interface (FMI) standard has ‘exceeded expectations’ with 60 vendors tools listed as planned or supporting FMI 1.0.

The 8.6 edition of the European Petroleum Survey Group’s geodetics library is available with new data for some 22 countries and revisions to EASE-Grids and the seismic bin grid transformation examples. The registry can now export valid CRSs and transformations in the ISO 19162 ‘well-known text format. Dataset entries may be exported individually, by user-defined groups, or through download of all valid CRSs and transformations. The EPSO has also introduced an open source web service,, exposing data based on the ‘official’ EPSG database maintained by the OGP Geomatics Committee.

GeoGig, an open source spatial data processing tool (inspired by GitHub) is approaching its first major release. The GeoGig code base has been contributed to the LocationTech working group at the Eclipse Foundation. GeoGig offers an audit trail to changes in a spatial data repository. Watch a demo on the BoundlessGeo website.

Oasis has formed a new technical committee to work on content management interoperability services for digital asset management (CMIS4DAM) and is seeking submissions of technology for consideration.

The OGP Geomatics Committee has released SeabedML, a geography markup language application schema for its subsea data model (SSDM). SeabedML provides an ‘open’ alternative to the Esri ArcGIS/geodatabase SSDM delivery template.

The Standards leadership council has announced an ‘Operator advisory panel,’ to serve as a ‘standards sounding board’ and to be a ‘visible evangelist’ for standards development and promotion.

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