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Heightened exploration and development activity in North America has led to a boom in telecommunications and remote monitoring. In Alaska, WellAware has combined its RPMA technology with GCI’s cellular network to offer machine-to-machine (M2M) communications throughout the State.

Global satellite operator SES has signed a new capacity agreement with SageNet to help energy companies connect operations across North America. The solution uses Ku-band capacity on the SES-1 satellite to provide managed enterprise communications solutions for drilling rigs and electric and natural gas utilities.

FreeWave Technologies has announced WaveContact, a family of wireless I/O solutions for industrial M2M automation and control. WaveContact provides Class 1, Division 1 wireless I/O and data aggregation, extending connectivity across wide area sensor networks and facilitating M2M setup for the oil and gas and other verticals. End points come as self-contained, explosion-proof enclosures with multiple analog voltage inputs and an RS485 interface.

Extronics and Aruba Networks have developed what is claimed as the industry’s first explosion-proof outdoor gigabit Wi-Fi access point, combining Aruba’s ruggedized AP-274 outdoor AP with Extronics’ iWAP107 explosion-proof enclosure. The 802.11ac AP targets the ‘industrial internet of things’ in the chemical, oil and gas and other verticals.

BATS Wireless has announced BTS for broadband connectivity to FPSOs and drillships. The stabilized microwave solution enables coms and data capabilities between assets.

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