Midland Valley teams with Swiss map agency

Move package enhanced for use in large organizations. Used to map cross-border geology.

Midland Valley Exploration (MVE) has teamed with SwissTopo, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Topography to enhance MVE’s Move structural geology modeling software for use in large organizations. SwissTopo is working on a cross-border project to provide a seamless geological model of the North Alpine Mollasse Basin.

MVE is working to link Move with the Geosciences in Space and Time (GST) 3D data store from GiGa InfoSystems. This will enable the sharing of large 3D data-sets across an organization without data duplication. Users will also be able to retrieve data subsets of areas of interest and check-out data for editing before returning edits to the database. The GST link will be available to MVE users early next year.

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