Knowledge management - the return?

Cecily O'Neill outlines a new approach to KM, citing deployments from ConocoPhillips and Shell.

It’s been a while since we heard the words ‘knowledge management’ (KM) so it was refreshing to read through Cecily O’Neill’s (Velrada) presentation on social collaboration and next generation information management, given at the Quest Smart E&P conference in Perth, Australia last month.

Velrada is an IT consultancy and integrator that has worked on information management on major capital projects in Australia’s mining and energy verticals. O’Neill’s KM poster children include Rio Tinto, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell. These companies have ‘fundamentally changed’ their approach to knowledge management for capital project development from a focus based entirely on engineering terms and tangible inputs, to look at how organizational learning can increase efficiency and reduce risk.

O’Neill presented two ‘real world’ case studies. ConocoPhillips now has some 100 knowledge networks and a ‘business 2.0’ approach with collaborative jams, visioning strategy sessions and ‘Wikithons,’ enabled by Oracle’s ConText search tool. The result was ‘purposeful collaboration’ across global functions, disciplines and networks that helped employees handle situations that do not fit into established processes and structures.

Shell’s solution leverages SharePoint, MatchPoint, TRIM, Project Server and Power Pivot and is integrated with SAP and business process modelling applications.
O’Neill told Oil IT Journal, ‘KM is definitely making a comeback now that we have the technology to enable the capture and management of tacit information and tools to support collaboration, but it is not just about the technology. We also see organizations in our region looking at ways to unlock the productivity benefits and to make it easier to on-board projects and teams. It is a very different approach to previous incarnations of KM and is definitely driven out of competitive demand.’
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