SpectrumData’s new data management center

Western Australian data center deploys Prevenex hypoxic fire prevention.

Perth, Australia-based data management and storage specialist SpectrumData recently completed construction of its new Australian data management center (ADMC) in Leederville, Western Australia. The AU$1 million facility houses physical tapes and other media types for long term retention and management.

The new unit includes an active fire prevention system using technology from Prevenex of Loisville, Colorado. Prevenex uses hypoxic technology to bring oxygen levels down to the point where a fire cannot start. Oxygen levels are reduced to below the 16% oxygen fire threshold. This relatively small reduction in oxygen is claimed to make fire impossible while remaining safe for workers. Being in a Prevenex environment is comparable to being at an altitude of 7,000 feet or 2,100 meters. In fact Prevenex’ sister company Colorado Altitude Training offers low oxygen environments for athletes and others to train in.

Another ADMC innovation is a flexible vault construction from DX Platforms. New hardware includes high capacity disks and an array of fiber and SCSI tape devices ‘to suit every known media type.’ SpectrumData has over 100 tape drives including 9 and 21 track drives from the 1960’s to present day LTO and 3592 technology. New large format high speed scanners are also available for capturing logs and other large documents up to 30 meters long.

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