IFS announces employee rotation and Azure cloud option.

Work with Odfjell Drilling sees new IFS Applications module for offshore workers.

IFS, along with key clients Odfjell Drilling and Archer have launched an employee rotation solution for oil and gas. Employee rotation is a complex task with ad-hoc or third-party solutions. IFS’ staffing and rotation planning module, a component of IFS Applications, enables day-to-day planning and compliance with industry standards. IFS also recently announced a Microsoft Azure cloud-based version of IFS Applications.

The solution can be delivered as either a self-service infrastructure as a service edition or as a fully hosted and managed solution. IFS CMO Mark Boulton said, ‘Azure is well aligned with our clients’ requirement for a trusted platform and a quick set-up.’ The solution was validated in trials with IFS client Ebara (a precision instruments manufacturing company) which has ‘made a company-wide decision to put key IT systems into the cloud.’ CIO Frank Lowery described Ebara as ‘comfortable with the cloud environment, having recently moved to Office365.’ Your mileage may vary!

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