Detechtion compressor diagnostics pinpoint valve damage

Enalysis toolset transforms routine Scada data into actionable information.

Speaking at the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference in Nashville Tennessee this month, Zachary Bennett described how Detechtion’s Enalysis Scada data visualization and analytics package is used to perform online compressor diagnostics, transforming routine Scada data into ‘valuable and functional’ information. Enalysis leverages complex data sets captured with Scada and other systems to identify maintenance and performance enhancement opportunities. Users can identify issues such as cylinder wear, leaking valves, high engine load or imminent failure and plan for timely remedial actions.

For Bennett, ‘Management of compressor fleets is the heartbeat of profitable natural gas operations.’ While Scada data collection is now widespread, the large data volumes and complex dynamics of natural gas production mean that early detection of potential issues cannot be realized by observing changing temperatures and pressures in a spreadsheet.

Bennett’s case study involved a compressor that appeared to be running fine with zero alarms. But diagnostics of tensile rod loads on one compressor stage showed these were exceeding 90% of the maximum manufacturer’s rating and trending up. Further drill down pinpointed the root case, deteriorating cylinder efficiency. Following inspection, the problem was identified as a damaged ‘witches hat’ filter (well it was Halloween!). The unit was replaced and catastrophic failure was avoided.

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