Honeywell Digital Suites for oil and gas

Streaming data can hide problems from operators. Enter Honeywell’s safety-centric digital oilfield.

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced Digital Suites for oil and gas (DSOG), a digital oilfield offering that adds a safety focus to oilfield data management. Honeywell observes that the ‘unprecedented layers’ of data streaming from multiple sources in the field can hide what is happening from the operators’ view, particularly in the face of ‘unexpected events.’

DSOG comes as either a ‘fully integrated’ bundle or as separate components. The six suites are: operational data (including a secure data archive), process safety and reliable operations, equipment effectiveness (minimizing costs and maximizing uptime), production surveillance and asset health, production ‘excellence’ (planning and optimization) and operational performance improvement.

Honeywell’s Ali Raza observed, ‘Clients tell us they have access to more real-time data than ever, but that alone is not enough to improve performance—they need digital intelligence to make sense of all the data being collected. These new tools will improve productivity, uptime and remote operations with a return on investment in as little as six months.’

DSOG can be ‘easily integrated’ into any multi-vendor environment. The ‘field-proven’ technologies and new software and implementation methodologies are delivered from Honeywell’s newly established oil and gas center of excellence.

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