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Silicon Space Technology has successfully tested temperature-hardened components for oil and gas downhole applications capable of operating at 250°C for over 250 hours.

Reed Business Information unit ICIS has released an app for access to its oil pricing intelligence and news service.

China’s Jereh Oilfield Services Group has announced a new coiled tubing unit and the Apollo Turbine Frac Pumper with a claimed 4,500 horespower peak output.

Superior Energy Services’ Workstrings International unit has launched a free drill pipe specifications app.

EssencePS has announced a ‘shrink-wrap’ version of its EssRisk history matching tool. The new edition is a ‘validated commercial probabilistic forecasting tool’ with community support.

Beicip-Franlab has released PumaFlow 7.0, its flagship reservoir simulator, with a new multi-ion salinity option, post processing for hydrocarbon tracking and shale funtionality.

Dynamic Graphics has announced CoViz 4D 7.2 with improved time lapse visualization of large seismic volumes and support for Witsml 1.4.

The latest V221 release of Exprodat’s Exploration Analyst petroleum exploration and new ventures package delivers new analysis and interpretation tools for estimating yet-to-find resource volumes, mapping gross depositional environments, and analyzing historical activity.

Praxair has announced ‘DryFrac,’ a waterless frac technology that utilizes liquid CO2. The technique is claimed to reduce the environmental impact of water-based hydraulic fracturing.

Halliburton’s new CoreVault system offers a means of safely retrieving fluid-impregnated rock samples obtained during side wall coring, allowing for accurate measurement of hydrocarbons in place.

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) has launched an interactive hydraulic fracturing ‘virtual site’ designed to share environmentally friendly best practices for fracking. The site was developed with funding from the Ground Water Protection Council and developed by the Epic Software Group.

The latest (V2.2) edition of LR Senergy’s ‘Iris’ offshore project and data management web application has been enhanced with support for subsea pipeline and asset inspection data management. Features include simultaneous streaming of three or more video files, live camera positions on the web map, pipeline profiles and pipeline events.

Paradigm’s Sysdrill 10 brings integration with Peloton’s WellView/Masterview corporate database for drilling and well operations, and includes a new jar placement module based on technology acquired from Cougar Drilling Solutions.

Emerson’s Roxar unit has released Tempest 7.1 with improved uncertainty management and reservoir prediction capabilities. Enable now lets users create ‘ensemble-based’ prediction workflows and better quantify uncertainty in production forecasts.

The latest edition of Sciencesoft’s pre-processing package S3control offers a new view for non-neighbor connections, cumulative S-Curve plots, enhanced LET curve fitting and more.

New features in Tecplot RS 2014 R1 include Utchem (a chemical flood reservoir simulator developed at the University of Texas at Austin) simulator support, a quick RFT grid plot, periodic production Rates and binned integration.

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