Geology metadata models and digital fossils!

British Geological Survey initiatives in data modeling and 3D printable fossils.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has updated, (EDM) with a high level metadata model for earth and environmental sciences. Researchers have a tendency to produce ‘numerous, isolated, incompatible databases’ and EDM sets out to make them aware of ‘prior art’ and canonical database projects in the hope that the community will develop ‘a single, integrated environmental data model for environmental data.’

The new model for metadata is a simplified data model based on BGS’ own database that is aligned with international spatial metadata standards such as the European INSPIRE Directive and ISO 19115. Other items of interest on the rather sparsely populated EDM include a lexicon of named rocks data model (sans the names it would appear) and a few pointers to other industry efforts such as GeoSciML.

Of more interest is BGS’ announcement of the world’s first 3D virtual fossil collection. Digital fossils can be browsed, downloaded and printed in 3D. Visitors to UK geology museums are invited to enter a competition to try and spot 3D imposters ‘seeded’ into displays. Would be followers of Jacques Deprat will likely also be intrigued by the possibilities of digital alteration or fabricating new type localities. More from BGS.

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