Trouble at’ mill...

This month’s intellectual property tussles—American Energy Mapping vs. Hart Energy, Ikon Science vs. Blueback Reservoir and Leak Surveys vs. FLIR Systems.

American Energy Mapping (AEM) claims that Hart Energy has ‘obtained information from AEM through nefarious means and, in violation of AEM’s license agreement, disbursed said information to Hart’s current and proposed customers.’ The tussle revolves around an alleged improper use of AEM’s geographic information system (GIS) data licenses. AEM is suing Hart for fraud, breach of contract, and interference of contracts.

End users should not be concerned as AEM owner Damien Wolff explained, ‘I do not believe that the customers in question are a voluntary participant in these wrongful activities, and I am willing to not pursue license violation remedies for those companies who come forward if they were unknowingly involved by Hart Energy and are willing to resolve the matter directly.’ More from AEM and Harts.


UK-based Ikon Science has begun a legal action against Norwegian Blueback Reservoir for the ‘disclosure and expert review’ of its rock physics source code. The action, that was filed with the English high court, requires that Blueback releases for review ‘all development versions of the source code’ of Blueback’s newly released Rock Physics product. According to Ikon, this was developed by an ex-Ikon Science software developer who has worked on its own ‘RokDoc’ for over eight years. Ikon is seeking the disclosure to clarify whether similarities between RokDoc and Blueback’s product amount to infringement of Ikon’s intellectual property rights. More from Ikon and Blueback.


Texas-based gas leak detection and services provider Leak Surveys has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Wilsonville, Ore.-based FLIR Systems claiming that FLIR’s gas detection infrared camera systems infringe two of its patents. These cover inventions developed by Leak’s founder and president David Furry for detecting gas leaks in petrochemical plants, pipelines, utilities and other industrial settings. More from Leak Detection and FLIR.

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