New data package from ArkCLS

GeoDataSync data plug-in links Petrel and dGB—more interfaces planned.

ArkCLS has announced new ‘data collaboration’ technology, GeoDataSync (GDS) offering access to multiple software packages and seismic data management functionality. The package was released this month at the 2013 annual conference of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in Houston.

GDS addresses problems associated with seismic interpretation workflows such as multiple interpretation systems, data storage and duplication. Data in multiple interpretation systems can be managed with the same user interface and accessed in situ—removing the need to copy large 3D seismic data volumes. GDS also manages horizons, faults and well data.

Initial GDS development was sponsored by a major operator and the tool is now available as a Petrel plug-in. GDS also allows access to seismic and other data in dGB Earth Sciences’ OpendTect seismic interpretation system. Plans are afoot for additional plug-ins to other mainstream interpretation packages. More from ArkCLS.

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