Shell, Baker Hughes team on workstation development

‘High-end’ platform for geosciences and reservoir to complement in-house GeoSigns.

Shell and Baker Hughes have announced a software license and joint development agreement to produce a ‘high-end platform’ for geological and reservoir modelling of non conventional reservoirs. The new system will be based on Baker Hughes’ Jewel Earth platform. Jewel was originally developed by Shell’s own R&D department, spun out to JOA which was acquired by Baker in 2010.

Baker Hughes’ Jewel Suite—the retail interpretation package—targets, inter alia, unconventional workflows with microseismic data visualization, horizontal well pattern analysis and frac design. Jewel Earth is the Jewel Suite development platform and plug-in environment based on Microsoft’s .NET framework.

Baker Hughes CTO Mario Ruscev said, ‘JewelEarth operates at multiple scales, from basin to wellbore scale, from a single data source. This will provide an innovative modelling and optimization platform for the fast-growing Shell user community.’

The .NET dev kit will support Shell migration to 64 bit Windows client workstations. Migrating the Shell’s tens of millions of lines of legacy code in its proprietary GeoSigns environment has proved more problematical. But the new Shell/BHI platform is said to ‘complement’ GeoSigns which will ultimately comprise an ‘integrated working environment for Shell’s exploration and modelling experts.’ More from Baker Hughes.

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