Rockwell security initiative to impact oil and gas vertical

Joint venture with Cisco to offer ‘secure, connected enterprise.’

Rockwell Automation has teamed with Cisco on a ‘comprehensive industrial security initiative’ a.k.a. the ‘secure, connected enterprise,’ that sets out to respond to ‘growing’ cyber-security threats to industrial control systems. The initiative will help automation and IT professionals to secure processes with a combination of control system design best practices, technology and professional services from Rockwell, Cisco and other partners.

Sujeet Chand, senior VP and CTO with Rockwell observed, ‘The rapidly evolving nature of the industrial security landscape makes it critical that today’s manufacturers view security as an ongoing business imperative, rather than a one-time investment. A more secure network infrastructure will allow companies to deploy emerging technologies such as mobility, virtualization and cloud computing, while still performing mission-critical automation functions.’

A three pronged approach includes a defense-in-depth methodology, a secure automation architecture and ‘enterprise-ready’ network security. Core to the initiative is implementation of a secure network infrastructure based on the use of the standard internet protocol.

While the initiative targets initially manufacturing, Rockwell spokesperson Carly Snyder confirmed to Oil It Journal that the initiative is cross-industry and ‘will impact oil and gas.’ More from Rockwell.

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