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New API number. CRS ‘shapes.’ Witsml test suite. W3C validator. Integrated reporting with XBRL.

The professional petroleum data management (PPDM) association is seeking volunteer experts to develop a new global data analyst exam. PPDM has also updated the American Petroleum Institutes’ well numbering system. PPDM/API 2013’s first ten digits are the same as the old system. Digits 11 and 12 are reserved for identifying each wellbore in a standardized manner. Optionally, positions 13 and up allow for information on completions, plugbacks, and drilling modifications to the wellbore. The standard is a free download.

The geomatics committee of the UK’s Oil and gas producers association (OGP) has announced a new ‘shapes’ component for its mapping database, the EPSG geodetic parameter dataset . The new polygons show the geographic extent of coordinate reference systems to assist users of geographic information systems to select the correct mapping reference framework. Download the shapes in GML format.

Energistics has announced the beta release of its Witsml test tool for v1.4.1.1 servers. The test program includes a new certification program for the latest Witsml servers. This includes an open source testing tool to automate a suite of tests including queries, data-object definitions, and behaviors defined in the Witsml schemas and store API. More from Energistics.

The World wide web consortium (W3C) has announced a ‘premium’ validator suite for checking web pages in HTML, CSS and more. The validator service scans an entire site and produces a report. W3C will continue to operate and enhance its free validators. More from W3C.

The XBRL organization has just published a white paper on ‘integrated reporting’ i.e. the extension of XBRL to embrace social responsibility, carbon and sustainability reporting. Such reporting is said to facilitate the disclosure of non-financial risks for a company ‘e.g. BP’ that may have ‘significant downward impacts on their share prices.’ More from XBRL.

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