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Fossil Creek Resources’ Lee Krystinik is president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Paula Gant has been appointed deputy assistant secretary of oil and natural gas at the US Department of Energy.

Mike Stephenson has been named science and technology director of the British Geological Survey.

James Brown is now principal scientist with Applied Instrument Technologies. He was previously with ExxonMobil.

Linda Ruiz McCall has joined the Bureau of Economic Geology as Information Geologist and Resource Center Manager.

Leandro Toniello heads-up ETAP’s new Brazilian Office in Ribeirão Prêto.

Tulio Campo has joined FairfieldNodal as a regional sales consultant in Bogota, Columbia.

FMC Technologies has appointed Clarence Cazalot and Peter Mellbye to its board.

Geotrace Technologies has named Mingqiu Luo as chief geophysicist.

Grant Thornton has named Kevin Schroeder as energy industry managing partner.

Holland Services has named John Sabia as senior VP. He hails from Goldman Sachs.

William Davies has joined HRH Geology as advanced gas supervisor. He was previously with Weatherford.

Ikon Science has appointed Michel Kemper as R&D director, Denis Saussus as VP development, Cameron Davis as senior VP, global sales, and Vispi Dumasia as VP EAME.

InterOil has appointed Michael Hession as CEO. He was formerly with Woodside.

Kelly Beauglehole heads-up ION Geophysical’s GXT seismic data processing center in Perth, Australia.

KBR has appointed Jan Egil Braendeland as President, Oil & Gas Business Unit.

Randy Clark, former president & CEO of Energistics has joined Noah Consulting.

The new Petrad MD is Geir Egil Eie. He was formerly with Statoil.

Joanne Sykes of TransCanada has been elected to the PODS board.

Jarle Aakre is new CEO at Robotic Drilling Systems. He was previously investment director with Styrbjørn.

Rushmore Reviews has recruited Peter Milne and Ronnie Singer to its IT team.

Ryder Scott has hired petroleum engineers Don MacDonald, Clark Parrott, Pablo Castellon, Laurymar Perez-Mejias, Syed Rizvi and Adam Cagle.

In a recent presentation to analysis, CEO Paal Kibsgaard revealed that
Schlumberger has 27 petaflops of computing power, ‘the fourth largest private installation in the world.’

Alastair Cole is to head up Spencer Ogden’s new oil and gas contract staffing division in Houston.

Summit ESP has appointed Mark Neinast to director of marketing and Mike Nieman to director of special projects. Both hail from GE Oil & Gas.

Tiandi Energy has recruited Rob Condina, Justin Laird, Kevin Rohr and Pete Rullman to its sales team.

Mattias Isaksson has been appointed as head of marketing and communications for Tieto. He hails from PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Wood Group Mustang has named Bob Lindsay president of its offshore business unit.

President Maria das Graças Silva Foster revealed that Petrobras is to invest R$4 billion (approx $2 billion) in 2013 and R$ 21.2 billion between 2013-2017 in IT in a move to ‘protect its strategic information.’ Despite reports that the US National Security Agency targeted Petrobras through espionage, no violation of its systems has been recorded.

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