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Neuralog’s high-speed well log printer NeuraLaserColor II prints 22cm/8.5” wide logs at up to 28cm/11” per second. The printer supports industry standard formats including native PDF support.

Interica (ex Pars) has announced a new project resource manager tool to let clients interrogate live discs to discover the data landscape created by a wide range of geoscience applications.

NecesSea has announced a new oil and gas cargo manifesting module (CMM) for cataloging offshore and marine equipment items. The CMM stores documentation from manuals, receipts and other sources and tracks inventory by location, vendor, manufacturer and/or serial number. Other NecesSea tools track people on board, vessel movement and costs.

A new release of Visage’s well completions and frac database, WCFD V2.2 and the launch of Canadian Discovery’s direct data access platform means that users can access the WCFD back-end and integrate completions data with production data for insights into completion design and production results.

eSeis has announced a ‘pre-drill mud log’ (PDML) that derives a variety of properties of interest to drillers from seismics. PDML estimates include pore pressure, fracture gradients, lithology and fluid content. During drilling, comparing predrill calculations with real time data is claimed to minimize non productive time.

FuelFX’ augmented reality technology integrates 3D objects, sounds and information with the surrounding environment. Software installed on mobile devices leverages the camera viewfinder to see nearby objects and overlay augmented objects and information on the device screen, allowing the real world and virtual world to blend seamlessly. BP is said to use the technology to train plant operators.

V5.6 of ETL SolutionsTransformation Manager includes a new ‘inlined’ procedures feature for faster data loading. A new auto generation feature simplifies creation of data mappings.

Kepware Technologies’ new ClientAce 4.0 includes an OPC UA .Net toolkit with support for secure OPC UA and OPC XML-DA communications. Deliverables include a .Net API for building custom applications and .Net controls rapid development of client applications.

Mechdyne has announced ‘Meeting Canvas,’ a collaborative tool that allows users to connect into and actively participate in a meeting irrespective of their location. MC is a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) virtual meeting room that supports shared data, images and documents in multiple windows.

DGB Earth Sciences has announced OpendTect 4.6 with ‘SynthRock,’ a new plugin for synthetic seismic generation, and inversion and XField 2D for potential field modelling.

Dr.DE, the latest version of Pegasus Vertex’ drilling engineering toolbox lets engineers access industry-standardized technical references and resources. The web based package includes 176 daily engineering calculations.

Rigzone has announced a free iPhone app targeting oil and gas jobseekers.

Landmark is to release an OpenWells module that will support Rushmore Review’s drilling, completions and shale performance reviews. Peloton’s WellView V9.0 will likewise be compatible with the shale performance review data workbook.

Tecplot RS 2013 R1 provides new means of exploring fluid flow near faults and novel display options. Other enhancements include local grid refinement display, animated streamlines and more.

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