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ArkEx has released XField, a plug-in that adds potential field data integration and modeling with DGB’s Open dTtect.

Emerson’s new Rosemount 3308 wireless Hart bus guided wave radar transmitter, extending continuous level monitoring to hard-to-reach locations.

The 6.2 release of Energy Navigator’s Val Nav oil and gas reserves forecasting suite includes a ‘Five year equation’ method for unconventional reserves reporting.

Calsep’s PVTsim 21.0 release includes multiple improvements to the reservoir engineering pre-processor and enhanced data exchange with third party tools.

Enertia Software has amalgamated its legacy toolset into ‘E-Go,’ a data mining add-on to its upstream ERP and land suite.

The 2013 edition of Entero Mosaic oil country asset management solution sees new tools for unconventional planning, analysis and reporting.

The 5.4 edition of ETL SolutionsTransformation Manager integration toolkit includes connection aliases and a wizard for building custom adapters.

FFA’s GeoTeric package now includes ‘IFC+,’ advanced seismic facies classification and a ‘rich multi-attribute environment.’

Geomodeling’s AttributeStudio 7.3 includes fractured reservoir characterization with Avaz, Vvaz, volume curvature, and other attributes. Vector visualization ‘highlights fracture patterns hidden in conventional displays.’

Interactive Network Technologies (INT) has announced version 3.3 of J/GeoToolkit, its cross platform, upstream data visualization toolkit. The new release includes ‘ultra-fast’ data rendering in the GPU using the Java OpenGL library.

The 5.12 release of Kepware’s KEPServer offers a security policies plug-in, leveraging OPC UA authentication to restrict server access to qualified users.

Lloyd’s Register has announced an ‘integrated software intensive systems’ (ISIS) software notation to address safety and efficiency issues impacting offshore drilling operators. ISIS is a component of Lloyd’s mobile offshore unit rules.

Geotrace has announced RiskRes, a statistical tool that assess the probability of drilling success from high resolution seismic.

Tendeka has released ‘SwellGen’ for the design of zonal isolation with swellable packers. The free app is available from the Apple Store.

Triple Point has announced Commodity XL 8.0. The ‘strategic planning and procurement’ solution 8.0 with new market-based analytics and risk management capabilities.

Oildex has released Spendworks Complete, its latest oil and gas paperless invoice processing solution.

Version 3 of Fracture TechnologiesWellWhiz well flow simulator includes new advanced perforation and open hole gravel pack modeling.

The 2014 release of SSI’s ShipConstructor package sees the addition of design and construction of piping systems and a new marine drafting tool creating 2D drawings in DWG format from a 3D model. Other enhancements include P&ID design validation and PipeLink, an interface to third part applications leveraging the PCF format.

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