Laredo Petroleum’s information ‘Parthenon’

Business intelligence for the intelligent business. Information system built on PPDM.

Speaking at a PPDM event in Houston earlier this year, Laredo Energy’s Steve Jaques described information strategy and well data management in a small E&P company. Laredo’s information systems group works with the company’s geoscientists, engineers and landmen to align their business goals. In this context, well data management emerged as a top investment priority.

Laredo’s well data management system includes several databases including a well master based on a SQL Server instance of PPDM 3.8. Operations, especially in the non conventional arena mean that the company needs to acquire and quickly act on good information. The plan is to ‘drill, complete, and produce wells on leases with stacked pay zones, to sell de-risked assets for a premium before full development and ... repeat.’

Jaques observed that achieving its goals meant being an ‘intelligent business.’ It does not require a great leap of the imagination to see how ‘business intelligence’ fits into the picture.

Jaques sketched out an information system ‘Parthenon’ built to support the business intelligence goal. The data landscape on which the Parthenon is built was evaluated with data maturity spider plots. The results helped spec out the well master data management strategy. Data now flows from IHS Pirls, through EnergyIQ tools into Laredo’s PPDM master. FME’s ETL tools are used to push data into Kingdom, ESRI and a proprietary operations data mart. Read Jaques’ presentation here.

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