Energistics reports progress on completion object

Witsml and Prodml workgroups team on ‘major new’ life-of-well spec.

Energistics’ Witsml and Prodml workgroups reported recently on progress on the ‘completion object project’ (COP). The COP kicked off in 2011 with support from Chevron, Weatherford, Peloton and others. The COP spec, delivered earlier this year to participants and public for review, has now been released in final form and is seen as offering a ‘major new capability for life of well completion data management.’

The primary initial use of the COP is for data handover from drilling to production. The ‘agnostic’ COP format facilitates database to database transfer and knowledge retention for future completions and workovers. These will later be extended to other use cases including life-of-asset well services and data transfer to engineering applications.

The COP was designed to provide a snapshot of completion information at a point in time along with a change log of events (the ledger) which subsequently alter the configuration. The COP also provides copious information on well metadata including business associate information, work order number and cost data. The spec also hooks into other Energistics standards—with references to more information in a Witsml object and/or a Resqml layer. More on the COP.

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