Kongsberg teams with Dynamic Graphics

Partnership set to offer real time drilling data visualization and analytics.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT) is teaming with Dynamic Graphics (DGI) on real time drilling data visualization and analysis. DGI president Art Paradis explained, ‘The drilling community now has access to far more data than was previously available but rationalizing this is a challenge. Our 4D visualization technology can reveal hidden relationships in this data and improve decision making.’ KOGT’s Ben Lovell added, ‘We have been discussing how we can enhance key workflows that we have developed with our clients leveraging DGI’s technology.’

DGI recently announced CoViz 4D V7.0 with drag-and-drop data loading from Schlumberger Petrel and Landmark’s SeisWorks. New features include hyperspectral imagery display and stereoscopic viewing. Optional geophysics modules for petroelastic modeling and volume synthetic seismic generation were also announced at the 2013 American Association of Petroleum Geologists convention. More from KOGT and DGI.

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