Azbil supports Exxon’s legacy control systems

Introduced in 1975, the Honeywell TDC2000 controller gets new lease of life through 2025!

Tokyo-headquartered Azbil Corporation (formally known as Yamatake-Honeywell) is to provide long term support to ExxonMobil for its use of Honeywell TDC2000-based control systems. Azbil is a co-developer and a co-owner of the TDC2000 technology and intellectual property. First introduced in 1975, TDC 2000 is now the target of an upgrade path to Honeywell’s Experion process knowledge system.

For companies with a large TDC2000 installed base who are not quite ready to make the switch, Azbil is offering support and services through to year 2025 including component redesign and refurbishment, provision of skilled engineering resources, failure analysis and training. The Azbil program is designed to help ExxonMobil avoid obsolescence, increase reliability and remove the time pressure to make decisions relative to a complete system migration. Azbil is also redesigning the TDC2000 electronics to reduce the number of components on a card and the number of cards required for a particular application. It is interesting to reflect on the longevity of control system technology as compared with IT! More from Azbil.

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