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Energistics fluid/PVT. Fiatech ISO/Proteus mapping. Oasis CMIS, OData 4. OGC REST controversy.

Energistics is floating a Fluid and PVT Analysis project, to be run through the Prodml special interest group.

Fiatech has kicked-off a new project, ‘ISO 15926 information models and Proteus mappings’ to document P&Ids and 3D models in terms of ISO 15926 classes and templates. The original models were defined by the Proteus project along with an XML schema, XMpLant. Anchor project members AVEVA, Bentley, Bechtel, CCC, and Noumenon are looking for additional members to ‘engage and contribute.’

Oasis is about to release CMIS, content management interoperability services, an interchange model for content management repositories.

Oasis has also announced the OData 4.0 spec along with the OData Atom and JSON Formats. OData is a REST-based protocol that simplifies the querying and sharing of data across applications for re-use in the enterprise, Cloud, and mobile devices.

A storm has been brewing over the Open Geospatial Consortium’s proposed Geoservices Rest API culminating in a letter from the board of the open Source Geospatial Foundation (Osgeo). The situation was summarized in a statement from open source GIS advocates who asked, ‘Is OGC losing its Way?’ The signatories claim that the new standard will herald the end of 15 years of collaboration on GIS interoperability. The concern is that the new API is too closely bound to specific tools such as Flex and Silverlight, ‘creating immense confusion in the marketplace.’ The authors state that ‘rubber stamping existing software from a single vendor’ (read ESRI) ‘is unfair and anti-competitive.’

OGC has also announced a call for public comment on the Open Modelling Interface V2 (OpenMI) and its accompanying reference manual. The standard supports interoperable computer models of environmental and other processes with on-the-fly data exchange.

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