Kongsberg real time solution for Chinese driller

Significant contract sees SiteCom’s Witsml solution deployed at six regional CNOOC centers.

The Chinese national offshore oil company (CNOOC) has awarded Sandvika, Norway headquartered Kongsberg oil and gas technologies (KOGT) a ‘significant’ contract for the supply of its SiteCom real-time drilling information solution. SiteCom will be deployed at six regional centers to consolidate real-time and historical data, reports and other rig data and serve it to CNOOC professionals.

SiteCom is a web-based solution that leverages Energistics’ Witsml standard to broadcast drilling and geological data. KOGT is a member of the Witsml governing committee and SIG and ‘actively encourages adherence to this standard for data transparency and cross-platform exchange.’

Non compliant feeds are converted at the rig site to Witsml during aggregation. This means that ‘client data is not tied to proprietary data archiving and retention.’

The CNOOC deal results from KOGT’s decision to invest in the rapidly growing Chinese market and was won with support from KOGT local partner, Chinese Automation, in Beijing. Delivery started last month and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. More from KOGT.

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