Petrel 2013 introduces multi user collaboration

SIS president Uwem Ukpong, ‘standard workflows and a clear understanding of risk.’

Schlumberger’s Information Solutions (SIS) unit has announced the 2013 edition of its Petrel E&P interpretation flagship. The new release brings advances in integration and multiuser collaboration along with improved petroleum system modeling, structural interpretation and production analytics.

SIS president Uwem Ukpong said, ‘Petrel allows customers to standardize workflows from exploration to production—and make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks.’ New technology addresses structural modeling of complex subsurface features in pre and sub-salt reservoirs. The release also brings improvements to seismic imaging through pre-stack, wide azimuth analysis, and improved links with WesterGeco’s Omega seismic data processing environment. Geomechanical is available to validate interpretations in complex depositional environments and 1D petroleum system modeling is available for charge maturity risking.

A new beta test methodology has been used to develop the new release. Petrel’s software architecture tracks and audits beta testing to ensure that the full range of new functionality is tested. 30 client companies took part in the beta test program.

Petrel Studio is positioned as a collaboration and knowledge management tool. Users can share notes across Microsoft Lync and a SQL Server database is available for results capture.

The Petrel 2013 announcement downplays data management—although Studio Manager is cited as providing ‘core IM workflows and consolidated user and data administration.’ More on Petrel 2013 in our report from the 2013 EAGE on page 6 and from SIS.

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