Cairn Energy’s new upstream information management system

Flare Solutions teams on E&P Catalog-based solution for document and data management.

UK-based Cairn Energy has deployed a new oil and gas information management system with help from Flare Solutions. The jointly developed system will help Cairn capture, store and retrieve critical documents, data and records across its global operations. The solution is built on three of Flare’s information management tools, the E&P catalog, the oil and gas taxonomies and the EPCat-tracker. Flare has also supplied an ‘operations toolkit,’ that tracks project actions and incidents and captures lessons learned.

Flare director Glenn Mansfield said, ‘Collaborating with Cairn’s technical staff allowed us to build components that directly meet the needs of the business.’ The solution was initially developed as an information management system for Cairn’s drillers, using Flare’s EPCat-Tracker to capture critical documents at key stages in the drilling of a well. Information templates allow document deliverables to be adapted to local standards or legislation.

Cairn’s head of information management John Caldwell said, ‘The new system has improved the management of information in the exploration and production process and is a valuable addition to our information management portfolio.’ According to Flare, the E&P Catalog provides ‘an intuitive interface to store and retrieve information from multiple information stores.’ More from Flare Solutions.

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