IFPen claims full-basin modeling success

Integrated study of Nova Scotia’s eastern seaboard leverages TemisFlow and Dionisos modelers.

The French Petroleum Institute IFPen and its Beicip-Franlab software and consulting unit are claiming a breakthrough in large scale basin modeling. Beicip’s consultants, working on contract for the Nova Scotia regulator, used IFPen’s TemisFlow fluid flow modeling package to model the generation, migration and trapping of hydrocarbons along the eastern seaboard of Nova Scotia. Another IFPen package, Dionisos, was used to control basin scale sedimentary fill over the duration of the hydrocarbon cycle. The study demonstrated a valid, oil-prone petroleum system in the area.

IFPen reports that the study, which integrated seismic, geological and geochemical data, has sparked off renewed interest in the zone with Shell and BP about to embark on two separate $1 billion explorations programs. More from IFPen.

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