Python-based analytical toolset well received by Hess

Enthought Canopy desktop for analytics and data management. DoE helps parallelize NumPy.

Austin, TX-based developer Enthought has announced ‘Canopy’ a Python-based environment for scientists, engineers and analysts. The Canopy desktop supports data collection, analysis, algorithm prototyping and testing. Marcos Lopez de Prado, head of quantitative trading at Hess Energy Trading Company, and a research fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said, ‘Unlike proprietary analysis languages and tools, Canopy offers the analytical environment we need, built on open-source Python. Thanks to Python’s popularity among Research Institutes and National Laboratories, thousands of libraries are available for complex mathematical modeling. Using it, we are able to research investment opportunities in an efficient and flexible manner.’

Canopy builds on Enthought’s Python distribution with an editor, integrated IPython console, graphical package manager and documentation. Canopy is available on Windows and Mac OS, and in beta, on Linux. An free Express edition including the desktop and core scientific and analytic packages is also available.

Enthought has also just been awarded a grant from the US Department of Energy’s SBIR program to port its NumPy flagship to high-performance parallel computing environments. The aim is for an intuitive front end to array computing and parallel libraries. The project will be released as open source. Other oil and gas Enthought users include Shell and ConocoPhillips. More from Enthought.

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