CyrusOne’s Seismic internet exchange

Data center service provider offers low cost bandwidth from 45 acre Houston campus.

Data center services provider CyrusOne has launched an internet exchange (IX) platform targeting the seismic processing and data management requirements of oil and gas companies. Seismic IX provides low-cost data transfer between CyrusOne’s data center facilities across the Houston area, allowing clients to connect with service providers and partners’ facilities. The offering provides bandwidth for ‘massive,’ real-time data transfer and multi-point accessibility of exploration and operational software. Today, the Texas IX connects major sites in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

CyrusOne has underscored its support for the energy vertical with the purchase of a 32-acre lot adjacent to its Houston West campus. The acquisition increases the size of the campus to more than 45 acres. The company also reports partnerships with Texas universities to link research institutions with its oil and gas clients. CEO Gary Wojtaszek described the data center, which houses a high-performance computing cloud solution for oil and gas, as a ‘geophysical center of excellence.’ More from CyrusOne.

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