Mojix’ RFID for BP/Clair Ridge asset tracking

Passive and high-end GPS-enabled tags track equipment from manufacturers to construction site.

BP is to use RFID* technology to track mobile assets on its $7 billion Clair Ridge redevelopment north west of the Shetlands. The technology is supplied by Los Angeles-based Mojix whose ‘track-and-trace’ wide area passive RFID solution provides real-time visibility of crates and large components in shipping. BP has deployed a Mojix STAR 3000 system to support construction by suppliers including Hyundai heavy industries in Korea, Aker Solutions in Verdal, Norway and others.

Two tag technologies will be used. Passive EPC Gen 2 RFID tags will be attached to all materials and components while high-end global positioning system telemetry tags will be used on containers and heavy equipment. Tag location information is consolidated at Mojix’ hosted web-based ‘visibility platform.’ This integrates commercial ocean vessel tracking information to provide a single view of the location and flow of goods on roads, oceans and stored in warehouses.

Clair Ridge was featured in a BP presentation at the OTC this month. The project involves the world’s first offshore full field deployment of BP’s ‘LoSal’ enhanced oil recovery technology to modify the salinity of water injected into the reservoir and increase oil recovery. More from Mojix.

* Radio frequency identity tags.

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