Encryptics data protection for MCR Oil Tools

Endpoint-level security protects intellectual property in storage and during transmission.

MCR Oil Tools is to deploy data protection technology from Frisco, TX-based Encryptics to protect digital intellectual property stored on its servers and employee devices and communicated over email. Encryptics provides strong data encryption and trusted peer to peer digital rights management technology that controls who can see the information and whether it can be printed or forwarded.

Encryptics Professional provides endpoint-level as opposed to server-based encryption. MCR also deploys other Encryptics tools for emailing, mobile and web-portal users. MCR, which manufactures pipe cutting tools, frequently creates and shares its design specs, CAD drawings and schematics with partners and clients around the world. MCR CEO Mike Robertson observed, ‘Sending confidential data through email meant our IP was vulnerable to hackers and theft. We have spent thousands of dollars defending our designs in court. The new technology means our engineers can encrypt messages and attachments without disrupting their workflow.’ More from Encryptics.

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