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PODS V6. Energistics’ NDR country index. PPDM well facets. Subsea Wireless. W3C Provenance.

The Pipeline open data standards association, PODS, has announced version 6.0 of its data model. PODS 6.0 is said to be an ‘important and foundational’ step in the evolution of the model. The updated PODS model has been broken down into 31 modular components which may be implemented independently. Modularization allows companies to select parts of the model they wish to deploy. Modularization allows for updates to be delivered as minor releases to individual modules.

EnergisticsNational data repository arm is developing a country index including an overview of the national oil province, the NDR’s history and links to NDR templates and reports. A beta version is available.

The PPDM association is launching a well status and classification system following consultation with members and industry. The new well status ‘facets’ and their associated values and qualifiers definitions are available for download (members only!). A second phase of the project is underway to review and update an industry standard plot symbology set, based on the well status facets.

The Subsea wireless group, an international initiative established to promote interoperability among subsea systems and components, is drafting standards for radio frequency, acoustic and free space optical communications. The group’s mission is to ‘raise awareness and acceptance’ of through-water communications as a viable solution for the industry. Membership includes BP, Cameron, Chevron, GE, Statoil, Subsea 7, Technip and Yokogawa. Work is focused on evaluating technologies, setting communications standards and on the production of an archive of case studies to demonstrate how wireless is already being used within the industry.

The W3C’s provenance working group has published the ‘Prov’ family of documents as recommendations. Users can exchange interchange provenance information in RDF and XML. Prov includes a mapping to Dublin Core.

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