DNV rolls out Safeti Offshore risk package

Standards-based quantitative risk analysis takes holistic approach to offshore safety.

DNV Software has released Safeti Offshore, a ‘complete software tool’ for offshore risk analysis. Safeti Offshore allows operators to evaluate potential hazards and associated risks in a quantitative risk analysis solution based on DNV’s three decades of analytical experience. Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) of offshore installations identifies challenges such as congested equipment layouts. Current techniques include spreadsheets, with poor validation and traceability, and computational fluid dynamics investigation of specific issues. Safeti Offshore takes a holistic approach to the evaluation of the broader risks.

DNV’s Nic Cavanagh explained, ‘Safeti Offshore was developed to support state-of-the-art, complex offshore QRA. It was developed by our risk analysts to meet the requirements of international standards such as ISO 17776 and Norsok Z-013. All credible hydrocarbon accident scenarios are considered, including fire, explosion, toxics and smoke. In addition, detailed escalation analysis is provided to model potential domino effects and evolving safety function impairment.

Offshore QRA risk metrics, such as potential loss of life are captured to a database for reporting and charting. An interactive event tree allows navigation and data drill-down. A 3D visual representation of the facility allows key risk results to be viewed in context. In the design phase, Safeti Offshore can address issues such as layout alternatives, fire and blast protection, escape and evacuation measures and other risk mitigation measures.

DNV software MDirector Are Føllesdal Tjønn added, ‘Safeti Offshore uses the same software architecture as our leading onshore analysis packages, Phast and Safeti, embedding 30 years of mathematical modelling and software engineering expertise.’

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