PPDM Data management symposium, Houston

Devon’s data program. BP reports progress. DrillingInfo, Bonus on PPDM to WITSML mapping.

Speaking at the 2013 PPDM Association’s Houston data management symposium earlier this year, Joe Seila outlined Devon Energy’s Oklahoma City Data Management Program (OKC DMP). This set out to manage data as a corporate asset and provide timely and accurate data feeds from rig to desktop. OKC-DMP, a ‘fully funded multi-year initiative’ is addressing data governance, master data management and data quality. Data governance is seen as critical because today, ‘data is badly messed up.’ Assets use different standards, there is a lack of authoritative sources and data producers do not take consumers’ needs into account. Key technology behind Devon’s data initiative includes DataFlux QC Pro and Web Studio, used to translate requirements into business rules. Devon’s data initiative was also the subject of a PNEC presentation on data governance (with Noah Consulting).

Rusty Forman provided an update on BP’s ‘data management strategy for the long haul.’ BP has a ‘double digit multi-billion dollar’ upstream data asset that used to be ‘poorly and inconsistently managed.’ Starting in 2009 BP initiated a program to create a new vision and strategy for upstream data and has now developed an operating model and is shifting the emphasis away from tools, projects and support services to governance-based ‘sustainable’ management. BP’s data staff has grown from 40 to over 150 professionals with teams around the world. A data ‘Xcellence’ program is now being rolled out. Staffing up at ‘warp speed’ has proved challenging. It is difficult to find people with the right skills, especially for leadership roles. Turf wars at the IT/business boundary are also an issue. Folks are concerned that others are ‘doing my job!’ Thought is required to the division of labor and to developing a symbiotic relationship between stakeholders.

Alan Berezin outlined DrillingInfo’s initiative to combining PPDM and Witsml data sources to capture hydraulic fracturing data. DrillingInfo’s service combines applications and a ‘unified data environment’ that can be in the cloud or inside the firewall. To serve frac data, DrillingInfo blends real time data streams, in-house PPDM data and its own data feeds. Mapping from Witsml to PPDM has been a challenge and different stakeholder needs must be addressed. DrillingInfo has developed an overarching ‘canonical’ model of a frac job and completion which can be repurposed to local business needs.

Jeffry Bonus (Bonus Consulting) returned to the theme of PPDM/Witsml mapping in the context of the ‘official’ proof of concept. This is worthy of note as it is a poster child for standards interoperability and collaboration under the auspices of the Standards leadership council. A joint PPDM/Energistics work group has been kicked off to deliver a standard mapping that will address use cases such as importing Witsml deviation data into a PPDM data store. Download the PPDM presentations.

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