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PetroDaq, Geovariances, AspenTech, Tofino, Epsis, Geoforce, KSS Fuels, Mechdyne, PGS, RAE Systems, Schlumberger.

PetroDAQ has rejigged PetroDAS and Remote tools with support for frack data, wireless sensors and a Wits to Witsml configurator. A new web viewer was released to support drilling, mudlogging, and formation evaluation.

The 2013 release of GeovariancesIsatis introduces ‘multi-acquisition factorial kriging,’ a method to extract commonalities and differences in redundant measurements of the same quantity. MAAFK is of particular interest in time-lapse seismic evaluation.

AspenTech’s 2013 release of AspenOne includes a new, web-based user interface and AspenOne Exchange, a marketplace for equipment data, third-party and AspenTech design resources.

Belden and Tofino have teamed on an offshore security solution combining Belden’s armored cable with Tofino’s Eagle security appliances. The devices prevent cyber attackers from tampering with the redundancy protocols.

Epsis has announced TeamBox 5.2 with one click video and voice conferencing for with remote participants.

Geoforce has announced an iOS (iPhone/iPad) version of its oil country asset tracking solution.

KSS Fuels has ported its flagship retail fuels pricing application to the smartphone offering users a ‘price anytime, anywhere’ function.

Mechdyne has rolled-out ‘Meeting Canvas,’ a tool that lets users connect and participate in secure meetings from any location.

PGS has announced the ‘ultimate’ seismic vessel, the 24-streamer Ramform Titan, claimed to be the ‘widest ship in the world’ with a 70 meter berth. The Titan can tow an array of ‘several hundred thousand’ hydrophones.

RAE Systems has announced ProRAE Guardian, an XML-based software development kit for developing real-time gas and radiation detection applications for oil and gas and other verticals.

Schlumberger has announced Studio Manager, adding information management capabilities to the Petrel Studio E&P knowledge environment. IM professionals can track asset team progress and resolve data issues. Studio embeds Microsoft technology including Lync, SharePoint, Exchange and Office and runs on Oracle or SQL Server.

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