Siemens ‘soft controllers’ for Apache’s drillers

Apache driller vaunts merits of Siemens’ WinAC software-based controllers.

Siemens reports that Apache is to deploy its ‘WinAC’ software controllers to replace conventional rack-mounted systems on it ‘worldwide drilling fleet.’ In a post on the Siemens-sponsored ‘Totally integrated automation*’ website, Apache’s Jim Rogers explained that the ‘soft controllers’ provide a ‘real-time deterministic control engine’ in a small footprint. WinAC offers a PC-based supervisor for Siemens S7 controllers.

The system consolidates automation components and logic into a single industrial PC that is certified for use in hazardous environments. Rogers opined, ‘It’s not process control, it’s equipment control. The driller still operates the rig through the controller.’ Many rigs are already equipped with Siemens S7 PLCs. For those that are not, WinAC can operate through communications interfaces such as Profinet and Profibus.

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