EU kicks off ‘Tosca’ operations R&D

EOS Solutions to provide virtual reality component to €4 million safety critical operations program.

Irish oil and gas service provider Celtic Oil has selected EOS Solutions as a technology partner in the EU-sponsored ‘Tosca’ R&D project. Tosca, ‘total operations management for safety critical activities’ is a European Commission project funded under the 7th Framework program. The aim of the project is to create a commercially viable operations management system for small and medium size European businesses for which operational safety and security are paramount. The plan is for an affordable, customizable system for use across many industries.

EOS was selected for its 4D simulation technology, a combo of virtual reality, ‘discrete event simulation’ and CAD interoperability. Tosca integrates operations into a performance management system that addresses safety, quality and productivity throughout the project lifecycle. The industrial domain of application is process control including chemical, power gen and oil & gas. Tosca is a three year, € 4.2 million project of which €3.1 million is financed from the public purse. EOS Solutions is a Quantum Ventures of Michigan company. More from EOS, Celtic and Tosca.

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